How much do bets pay for Uruguay-Brazil?

How much do bets pay for Uruguay-Brazil?
How much do bets pay for Uruguay-Brazil?

La Celeste faces La Verdeamarela for a place in the semi-finals, in a match with a lot of history and previous clashes.

Uruguay faces tonight Brazil for a place in the semi-finals of the America Cup, in a match that promises great performances from both teams, favorites to win the tournament due to their history and current performances. How are the bets among Uruguayan fans?

If from crosses between Uruguay and Brazil It is about, the history has marked great football moments between both countries. Tonight, from 10 pm on the Allegiant Stadium, in the city of Paradise (Nevada, United States)the selected one of Marcelo Bielsa will have a new challenge against the green and yellow team, after overcoming the group stage with a perfect score.

With this panorama, the followers of the Sky blue They are already placing their bets ahead of the match and, as expected, the result in favour of the national team is the one that pays the least. That is, the most likely to happen. Thus, a victory for the national team Uruguay pays a dividend of 1.95; while a draw pays 3.55, and a win of Brazil pay 2.80.

In this way, whoever bets 1,000 pesos on the Uruguayan classification would receive 1,950 pesos if the result is correct. Meanwhile, a draw would give him 3,550 pesos, and a victory for the team from Dorival Junior I would give him 2,880 pesos.

In the exact score, the scenario that offers the least dividends is the victory of Uruguay by 1 to 0 (4.65), followed by the same result but in favor of Brazil (5.80). Draws of three and four goals —151 and 240, respectively—, as well as the possibility that either team wins by scoring four goals —from 126 to 240—, are the results that pay the most.

The historical statistics for this match are not favorable for Uruguay, that of the 15 official matches against Brazil since 1950, they have only won two and drawn three others. Also, the chances of the Sky blue The chances of the Brazilian team winning in the 90 minutes are 32%, while the Brazilian team has a 36%. In the event of a draw – which has a 32% chance – there will be no extra time but it will be decided directly by penalties, as has already happened in the matches Argentina – Ecuador and Canada – Venezuela.

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