Grilling – one of the Austrians’ favorite summer activities

Grilling – one of the Austrians’ favorite summer activities
Grilling – one of the Austrians’ favorite summer activities

Most people in Austria believe that barbecuing is a man’s job.

In Austria, barbecuing is simply part of summer, a social occasion, a way to relax and the nice weather. “Four out of ten Austrians barbeque several times a month, 90 percent at least occasionally. There is only one rule: the grill master is always right – and the last sausage,” says Rainer Will, managing director of the voluntary, independent and non-partisan trade association, summarizing the results of the latest consumer check by the trade association and MindTake Research. One in ten people are not deterred by bad weather and sometimes even barbeque in winter.

There is no need for a special occasion to fire up the grill: “Grilled food simply tastes good,” said 61 percent of those surveyed, “grilling is simply part of summer and the nice weather,” said another 58 percent. Every second person also values ​​grilling with family or friends as a nice social experience, for four out of ten respondents it is simply “a nice outdoor activity” and 37 percent particularly appreciate the variety in the menu.

Federal state ranking

On average, Austrians spend around 47 euros per barbecue. The most common barbecues are fired up in the westernmost federal states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol: one in two (52 percent) do it several times a month – and this is where people spend the most on this culinary pleasure, at 53 euros.

Close behind are Upper Austria and Salzburg, where 48 percent grill several times a month (average expenditure: 47 euros). In Lower Austria and Burgenland, 40 percent do this and spend 43 euros each. The states at the bottom of the ranking are Styria and Carinthia (34 percent; 49 euros) and Vienna (32 percent; 45 euros).

The distribution of roles is traditional: for the clear majority (54 percent), barbecuing is more of a man’s job, and only seven percent think it’s a woman’s job. 39 percent of those surveyed say it’s 50/50. Culinary preferences vary considerably depending on gender: while men’s preferences include pork and sausages (55 percent each), as well as poultry (47 percent) and Käsekrainer (42 percent), while 64 percent of women prefer grilled vegetables, 51 percent prefer salads, and 49 percent prefer poultry.

Halloumi or other grilled cheese is popular with 35 percent of women and 27 percent of men, while vegetarian meat alternatives are popular with nine percent of women and six percent of men. Vegan meat alternatives are popular with seven percent of women and five percent of men.

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