The BCU will seek to place 3 titles for $ 17.500M this week

The BCU will seek to place 3 titles for $ 17.500M this week
The BCU will seek to place 3 titles for $ 17.500M this week

It will award short-, medium- and long-term monetary regulation bills on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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He Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) This week, the bank will place three domestic public debt securities with different maturities, for 17.5 million pesos between Monday and Thursday.

The first tender of the week will begin this Monday 8th at 2:00 p.m., the first title in pesos will be auctioned for 7.5 billion pesos (almost 187.65 million dollars) with a 35 day termwith a maturity date of Monday, August 12 of the current year. Of this total, 1.5 billion pesos (almost 37.53 million dollars) will be non-competitive placements and will have their integration date on the same day.

On Wednesday 10th at 2:00 p.m., a bond in pesos for 5.8 billion pesos (a total of 145.12 million dollars) will be awarded with a term of 91 days, and a maturity date of October 10th of this year. It will have the following date: integration date the same day. This tender will have 1.16 billion pesos (29.02 million dollars) of non-competitive placements.

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Finally, on Thursday 11th at 2:00 p.m., the last title in pesos of the week will be auctioned, for others 4.2 billion pesos ($105.08 million) with a term of 357 daysand a maturity date of July 4 of next year. Of the total, 840 million pesos (21.02 million dollars) will be non-competitive placements. Meanwhile, the integration date will be the following day.

The government raised its financing needs to US$ 5.340M

The Debt Management Unit (DMU) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) The report said the government’s funding needs will rise to $5.34 billion this year, some $588 million more than last year.

According to the report of Accountability delivered last Friday at the Parliament, Of the total financing needs, $2.411 billion correspond to the payment of amortization of securities and early cancellations for liability management operations, while another $2.129 billion correspond to the payment of interest and another $378 million to the primary deficit.

Regarding the way to get that money, from the MEF They proposed that 4.333 billion dollars will be through the placement of international bonds and others in the domestic market. Meanwhile, 794 million dollars will be requested from international organizations and 213 million dollars will have other forms of financing.

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