A Traunsee mountain marathon that is worth it

A Traunsee mountain marathon that is worth it
A Traunsee mountain marathon that is worth it

Markus Lemp from Schörfling wore the correct starting number: he won the mountain marathon for the third time in a row.

Not a cloud in the sky, but the water is coming from all directions. From hoses, jugs, cups and tubs. Head washing on the Grasberg, quick washing on the Gmundnerberg. And if anyone needed a place to sleep, they would probably get one. The secret heroes are standing along the route. Little girls who are happy to splash someone with water anyway, and big men who know exactly what those need whose great strength was lost somewhere between Gmunden and Ebensee. “We still have a cold side in the cellar.” Thanks, later. The participants of the 35th Traunsee Mountain Marathon had to have seen it all by the start anyway.

2.40 a.m., Gmunden Town Hall Square. More than 350 night owls have gathered. Only a few of them will soon be able to sleep in. Most have other plans – they are 63 kilometers long. Once around the Traunsee, on foot. Over Grünberg, Traunstein, Spitzlstein, Feuerkogel, Hochsteinalm, Grasberg and Gmundnerberg. 4500 meters in altitude. Sounds exhausting? And it is.

The fireflies on the Grünberg

But that is successfully suppressed. For now. The weather forecast is almost a bit too good compared to last year, when Noah’s Ark docked at Traunsee. The thermometer is expected to show up to 33 degrees in the afternoon. The price is going to be hot. At three o’clock sharp, the starting gun is fired.
A few minutes later, the Grünberg experiences its annual plague of fireflies. Gmunden’s largest chain of lights stretches across the Ortner-Steig, and only the dawn on the Traunstein replaces the headlamps. Roman Leithner, the host of the Naturfreundehaus, has to get up even earlier than usual. Today he is also the host of the highest refreshment point. Those who have slept here can listen to AC/DC for breakfast. “Carry Me Home” would be a fitting choice. “Highway to Hell” would probably also fit.

Markus Lemp from Schörflingen doesn’t notice much of this. The two-time mountain marathon winner hasn’t yet conquered all the mountains at this point, but he has conquered many of them. At the halfway point in Ebensee he is already 27 minutes ahead of the second-placed runner.

The refreshment stations provide everything you need to keep running or hiking: sweets, sours, drinks and lots of encouragement. 120 volunteers from the Nature Friends of Gmunden and Ohlsdorf make it possible.
For many, nature is no longer a friend on the way to the Feuerkogel. On the ski slopes, only the thought of winter cools you down. Hikers who are happy not to be wearing a race number give away their last reserves of water. “You look like you need it.” Thank you, very kind.

10 a.m., Gmunden: Only 30 minutes left until Markus Lemp makes his personal triple out of the mountain marathon. The numerous participants in the two half-distance races are already on their way – or have already reached the finish line.

Record at charity walk

At the same time, Altmünster can be sure that a ship will come. The one that will take the participants of the charity hike to the western shore of Lake Traunsee. More than 70 people have registered this year to help the family of 16-year-old Emelie from Ohlsdorf. The young woman, who suffers from a rare brain disease, was in intensive care until March, and expensive therapies are an additional burden on the family.

The half-distance of the mountain marathon is also emotional: the “Rolling Angels”, an association that grants wishes to seriously ill people, brought the mother of one participant to the Traunsee to cheer him on. He thanked them with a podium place. By midday at the latest, the weather no longer fulfills any wishes. Grasberg and Gmundnerberg become a test of patience, the sun is starting to sting.
Nevertheless, the majority make it to the finish line. At the very latest, they know that they have all won. At least in terms of emotions.

The results

Total marathon 63 km, 4500 hm, men:
1. Markus Lemp, 7:30:33
2. Manfred Higlsperger and
Christoph Meier, 8:27:29

Total marathon 63 km, 4500 hm, women:
1. Katharina Bergs, 10:13:43
2. Johanna Simmer, 10:40:53
3. Marina Mayerhofer, 10:43:22

Half distance Gmunden–Ebensee 33 km, 2500 hm, Men:
1. Benedikt Wohlschläger, 3:51:03
2. Alexander Hanreich, 4:09:48
3. Leopold Karl, 4:13:02

Half distance Gmunden–Ebensee 33 km, 2500 hm, women:
1. Michaela Goesweiner 5:12:07
2. Lisa Kronberger, 5:16:32
3. Nina Theis, 6:09:20

Half distance Ebensee–Gmunden 30 km, 2000 hm, men:
1. Lorenzo Beltrami, 2:51:26
2. Lukas Hufnagl, 3:25:55
3. Stefan Reif, 3:27:32

Half distance Ebensee–Gmunden, 30 km, 2000 hm, women:
1. Lisa Heidinger, 3:58:35
2. Sabine Schnölzer 4:13:56
3. Agnes Hollenstein, 4:18:28

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