The electoral race has now started

The electoral race has now started
The electoral race has now started

The senator and presidential candidate for Cabildo Abierto (AC), Guido Manini Riosdownplayed the outcome of the primaries, where his political force obtained less than 18,000 votes (well below the almost 50,000 it garnered in 2019), assuring that his party’s candidacy had already been defined in advance.

This weekend, in an interview on Radio Montecarlo, the leader of the council gave a positive assessment of the number of votes his party received, in the context of internal elections marked by apathy, and stressed that CA “did not spend a penny” on electoral advertising throughout the campaign. “The electoral race began on Monday,” he said in reference to the day after the primaries.

In this sense, he believes that citizens lacked sufficient reasons to go out to vote in greater numbers, since in the past primaries there was an “effervescence” among the voters of the parties that formed the Multicolor Coalition to take out the Broad Front (FA) of power after 15 consecutive years.

“For us, the electoral race started on Monday, it just started now and we are looking ahead to October 27, which is what really matters,” emphasized Manini Ríos, referring to the date of the general elections.

Regarding CA’s militancy, Manini Ríos said that the followers of the political force align themselves behind “certain ideas and concepts” that “sometimes make them feel somewhat alone” on a social level.Town meeting “He is the only one who proposes solutions to problems that others do not propose,” he stressed.

Cabildo Abierto stands up for the “defense of national labor” and “the middle class”

In this regard, Manini Ríos pointed out that his party places special emphasis on the “defense of national work” and “the middle class“, as well as the debts of individuals, anti-drug and public safety policies, the “defense of the family and life,” among other issues.

“Of course education, health, housing, these issues are always on the table, but these other issues that I mentioned, especially in drug and public safety policies, Town meeting has a very big differential,” he said.

About the presidential formulaManini Ríos said that CA “is not in a hurry” regarding the issue, and that it will be officially defined at the party’s next National Congress, which will take place on July 28. However, he acknowledged that the name could be made public this week.

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