Following the results, Emmanuel Macron rejected the resignation of the Prime Minister

After the results were known, this Monday Macron rejects the resignation of his prime minister, Gabriel AttalThe president demanded that the official “stay in office for the time being so that guarantee the stability of the country“.

Macron’s request to his prime minister

After weeks of political turmoil, France defined his legislative future. In this new context, Macron will keep – temporarily – his prime minister after his centre-right bloc was overtaken by a left-wing coalition – without an absolute majority – in the parliamentary elections.

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For the time being, Prime Minister Attal will continue in office without any agreed dates.

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Attal had already announced on Sunday that he would offer his resignation, which follows French political tradition, although he also assured that he was prepared to remain in office.more time as interim“, urging Macron to make a decision. Along these lines, the Prime Minister’s promise was fulfilled on Monday, when he submitted his resignation.

However, Macron demanded that Attal remain in his post to manage current affairswhile a new government is being formed following the legislative elections. “The president has asked Gabriel Attal to remain as prime minister for the time being to ensure the stability of the country“, Macron’s office said in a statement, Although no deadlines were set for this continuity.

The victory of the left in France

In recent weeks, France has swung from one end of the political spectrum to the other. So much so that Macron had shocked the country by announcing the early electionsbehind the victory of the far right in the European elections of June 9.

This Sunday the event was held Second round of legislative elections in France. Due to their performance in the European elections and in the first round – where they obtained the 3. 4% of the votes – it was expected that National Grouping (RN)a far-right party led by Marie Le Pen, was made with the electoral victory.


Mélenchon assured that

Mélenchon said that “the people voted with conscience.”

However, none of that happened. In a historic election, it was finally the New Popular Front (NFP) – a left-wing coalition – was the winner of the elections.

After the scrutiny, the NFP won 190 of the 577 seats in the National Assemblyfollowed by President Macron’s centre-right alliance, who obtained 160. Unexpectedly RN and its allies came in third place, with 140 seats.

After the results were known, Jean-Luc Mélenchonleader of the left-wing space, urged Macron to “ Call on the New Popular Front to govern”. The big winner of the day also assured that The vote was “clear” and “the defeat of the president and his coalition is confirmed”“The will of the country must be respected. No tricks or scams would be acceptable,” he added.

For her part, Le Pen assured that His victory “was only postponed”. “The tide is coming in. This time it didn’t come in high enough, but continues to rise and, consequently, our victory is only delayed“, he said, and then pointed to the management of the current president, calling it “untenable”.

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