Andrés Ojeda suggested that the Broad Front blocks its presidential candidate because it loses votes

The presidential candidate of the Colorado Party assured that the opposition political force has “muted” Yamandú Orsi.

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He presidential candidate of the Colorado Party (PC), Andres Ojedasuggested that the Broad Front (FA), “has muted” its presidential candidate, Yamandú Orsiand who opts for other spokespersons, because every time this one speaks “he loses some votes.”

This Monday, in a conversation with Subrayado, the Colorado candidate harshly criticized the former mayor of the Canary Islands, with whom he insists on debating before the general elections in October.

“The truth is that I would like, at least, to get some definition of some topic,” said Ojeda, who understands that Orsi “He doesn’t speak” because the FA “has blocked him.” “He is under seven keys, every time someone names someone Orsi comes out (Fernando) Pereiracomes out (Mario) Bergaracomes out (Lucy) Topolanskybut he never comes out,” he said.

In this sense, Ojeda believes that the opposition political force “is trying to stop him from speaking,” since “every time he speaks he loses a vote” and they prefer that he remain “as masonry.” “They are trying to keep him standing there, but not to finish giving definitions,” he added.

The campaign against the PIT-CNT plebiscite

“I would like to know if Yamandú Orsi and all the people of the Broad Front who have demonstrated against the social security reform proposed by the PIT-CNT They will have militancy, if they are going to go out to the streets and the media to tell people not to vote for a bad reform,” said Ojeda.

He also stressed that he “would like to know” if the former mayor of cannelloni He is “willing” to form “a commando” together with all the candidates of the governing coalition to work “against a bad reform.”

“He has not been clear about that. I would like him to give us a definition, not to send Pereira to me, not to send the others to me, but to tell us if he is going to form a command with us to be able to fight a regressive, negative and dangerous reform for the future of the country,” he concluded.

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