Carolina Cosse leaves the Montevideo City Hall amid criticism from the national government

The Frente Amplio candidate for vice president of the Republic will close her term with an event at the Espacio Modelo.

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The candidate for vice president of the Republic for the Frente Amplio (FA), Carolina Cossesubmitted her resignation this Monday from her position as mayor of Montevideoafter almost 4 years, to fully focus on the campaign for the general elections in October.

Amid criticism from members of the national government for considering it unnecessary, the former capital leader will close her departmental administration next Tuesday 9th with an event at the Espacio Modelo, inaugurated at the beginning of February. In turn, it is expected that the Departmental Council of Montevideo approve the resignation next Thursday 11th.

The decision to close the administration with an event in the recently inaugurated space generated indignation in the ranks of the National Party (PN)since they understand that it will be “Kirchnerist style” and financed with “the money of the people of Montevideo” to “carry out a political campaign.”

The white councilor, Diego Rodriguezassured Channel 5 that “Cosse “She does not leave any important legacy for the city” and that “little or no works” were seen despite the fact that the City Hall “collects about 2 million dollars per day.” “She was a candidate for the Frente Amplio using the City Hall as a political platform,” she said.

“There was a big change with respect to Daniel Martínez’s management”

For its part, Silvia Tejerageneral secretary of the Association of Municipal Employees and Workers (Adeom), noted that the dialogue with the team of the Intendancy improved under the management of Cosse compared to what was the case of the former mayor and former presidential candidate of the FA, Daniel Martinez.

“However, we would like to stress that on the three occasions when we asked the mayor for an urgent meeting, she responded to us in less than 24 to 48 hours,” said Tejera.

Regarding the points to be improved, Adeom criticized the assignment of functions, since they are demanding competitions for leadership positions. “We are above the assignment of functions from when the administration began,” he lamented.

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