Valeria Ripoll did not take Gabriela Fossati’s resignation from the National Party personally

The candidate for vice president of the Republic of the traditional political force said that the departure of the former prosecutor “is the healthiest thing.”

The Vice-presidential candidate of the National Party (PN), Valeria Ripollthe resignation from the political force was not taken personally by the Former prosecutor Gabriela Fossatiwho pointed out that there were “communists and unionists” who were “infiltrated” in the white ranks, in reference to Ripoll’s past as a militant of the Communist Party (PCU) in it Broad Front (FA) and former general secretary of the Association of Municipal Employees and Workers (Adeom).

This Monday, at a press conference, the running mate of Alvaro Delgado He said he did not take as “personal” the message expressed by Fossati through his X account (formerly Twitter) prior to his resignation. In recent days, Fossati said he would support the presidential candidacy of Andres Ojeda and was presented at a press conference along with other leaders of the Colorado Party (PC)among whom was the former prosecutor and current deputy Gustavo Zubia.

Despite Fossati’s recent announcement of her integration into the PC, the former nationalist will not be able to join any Colorado list, since she was part of the PN’s 2004 list in the last internal elections, something that leaves her out of the possibility of competing in the more immediate elections at both the departmental and national level.

“You have the right to have whatever opinion you think”

“She has the right to express her opinion as she pleases,” Ripoll said, downplaying Fossati’s comments, saying that she has “more than 16 years of activism” and that “people know what she is” and “what she thinks.” “I didn’t take the comments for myself, so they must be coming from someone else,” she said.

“My presence in the National Party “It is because I found the answers that I did not find anywhere else, not even in the Broad Front,” said Ripoll, who believes that if Fossati feels “more comfortable in the PC,” this is then “the healthiest” for all parties.

Source: Ambito

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