Ancap detected a leak near the La Teja refinery

Ancap detected a leak near the La Teja refinery
Ancap detected a leak near the La Teja refinery

The National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland Cement Administration (Ancap) reported the detection of a leak in an oil pipeline near the La Teja refinery. The company assured that it is already under control and that technical teams are already working on its repair.

This Monday Ancap issued a statement warning of the “presence of hydrocarbons on a property adjacent” to the refinery The tile“next to the pipeline that transports crude oil to the industrial complex.”

However, they assured that the technical teams have already established the origin of the leak in the area of ​​the oil pipeline and are already working on its repair. On the other hand, they worked to eliminate possible leaks to the sewage system.

“For the moment, the pumping of crude oil has been stopped to avoid leaks and work is being done in a coordinated manner with the Municipality of Montevideo and DINACEA.”, The statement said that no impact on fuel supply is expected as the refinery has stock.

There were also spills in June

At the beginning of last month, another spill occurred in the pipeline that transports Petroleum from Jose Ignacio to the refinery The tileparallel to the Inter-resort route.

The loss had been noticed by the Departmental Emergency Center (Cecoed) of Cannelloni, while the state oil company notified the company of the loss National Directorate of Quality and Environmental Assessment of the Ministry of Environment, to Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP)to OSE, Firefighters and Highway Police.

Among the hypotheses that explain the breakup, the following are considered: corrosion, Although Ancap indicated that there were no signs that the place was at risk of loss; mechanical question such as a breakage caused by heavy machinery; or “a combination of both in this case, due to the suspected location of the breakage.” Finally, the breakage of the pipe, approximately 3 millimetres in diameter, was repaired by the technical teams of the state-owned company.

Meanwhile, since the Ministry of Environment They assured that the leak in the pipeline did not contaminate nearby waterways. According to the portfolio headed by Robert Bouvier, “No hydrocarbons were detected in liquid form,” although “a strong odor was perceived.” Although the oil was channeled into a “storm channel,” Ancap placed absorbent material to prevent the spill from continuing.

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