Forgotten Mother’s Day: 55-year-old beat her daughter

Forgotten Mother’s Day: 55-year-old beat her daughter
Forgotten Mother’s Day: 55-year-old beat her daughter

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She attacked the sleeping 20-year-old on May 14, 2024, with the public prosecutor accusing her of hitting the victim in the face with a meat tenderizer. “I am guilty in the sense that I did not do it with the meat tenderizer,” was the mother’s statement of responsibility at the regional court on Wednesday.

“I have been so disappointed,” complained the previously blameless defendant, who was arrested after the violent crime and has since been in custody because of the risk of committing the crime. “She is in shock from prison,” stressed the defense attorney. He has known the woman for many years: “She has always been an impeccable person who has never done anything wrong.” A “contentious, difficult divorce” had taken its toll on her, and as a result alcohol had become an issue. The incriminated case was “primarily a drunken story,” said the attorney.

“I was in a state of complete excitement”

“I was in a state of complete excitement,” the defendant explained afterwards. Her daughter had ignored her on Mother’s Day. She had not seen her once, even though she had cooked for both of them. The next day, the daughter came home late, but they did not celebrate because she “left straight away”: “She has a 39-year-old boyfriend. She is 20. Who knows what he will do with her.” The day after that, the daughter did not come into the apartment until the evening and did not pay any attention to her, the defendant reported to a jury: “She walked straight past me. She ignored me. She walked past me arrogantly.” That was when she lost her temper, the mother admitted. She had a “serious heart condition” and excitement was not good for her: “My mother died of sudden cardiac death at the age of 48.” She had also been drunk. Her relationship with her daughter was actually very good: “She is my best friend.”

“Hurry up, she brought down the hammer”

The daughter, who was attacked in her sleep, contacted her boyfriend during the attack and asked him via audio message to call the police. She needed help: “Hurry up, she’s brought the hammer down.” The 20-year-old put this into perspective in the witness stand: “It all happened so quickly. I don’t think it was a meat beater.” When asked what the defendant hit her with, the witness said: “I don’t know, I had the covers over my head.” The act of violence was “absolutely an outlier.” The daughter called her accused mother “my sweetheart.”

The Senate ultimately concluded that the attack was carried out with fists and not a meat tenderizer. The 55-year-old was sentenced to 20 months in prison for grievous bodily harm – her daughter suffered bruises on her face and hip – and for making dangerous threats. During the attack she shouted “Yes, you will die, because I will smash your skull, I swear to you, I will smash your skull,” which her daughter recorded on her cell phone. The 55-year-old was granted a three-year probationary period. She agreed to this. The public prosecutor made no statement for the time being. The verdict is not final. The woman was released from custody after the trial.

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