Alleged rival killed: Life imprisonment for 40-year-old

Alleged rival killed: Life imprisonment for 40-year-old
Alleged rival killed: Life imprisonment for 40-year-old

Trial at the Regional Court of Wels

The verdict, which the jury passed unanimously, is not legally binding; the defense filed an appeal and annulment. On March 31 of last year, the defendant is said to have killed an employee of his company with five “powerful knife stabs” in a storage area in Marchtrenk (Wels-Land district), according to the prosecutor.

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“I killed your lover”

The Montenegrin was convinced that the man had been having an affair with his wife. He then forced another 19-year-old employee, who was in the car at the time of the crime, to drive him to a café. The accused is said to have said that he would now have a coffee and then go to prison. On the way, he called his wife and said: “I killed your lover, now I’m going to prison and then I’m going to kill you.” He was arrested on the way to the country’s capital.

The prosecutor had demanded life imprisonment for murder. He saw no mitigating circumstances other than the confession. He called the defense’s version a construct that had not been substantiated. The man had admitted the crime from the beginning. However, he justified himself by saying that he suspected his victim had a weapon, that he felt threatened and that he acted in self-defense. This line of defense was not accepted by the jury.

“It was a jealous mania”

The defendant firmly believed in his wife’s alleged affair, said his defense attorney. His drug and alcohol consumption did not dissuade him from this idea and everything revolved around it. “It was a jealous mania,” said his attorney, but the prosecution spoke of “raging, unfounded jealousy.”

The psychiatric report confirmed that the 40-year-old had a narcissistic personality disorder, but was of sound mind. The probability of further acts of violence was too low for him to be admitted to a forensic therapy center. “It is not part of his pattern to use violence,” said the expert, “but it cannot be ruled out.”

“Hardworking, with a tendency towards aggression”

According to the report, cocaine and 0.34 per mille alcohol were found in his blood when he was arrested. He had repeatedly been in brothels and had apparently also refused treatment for his addiction. His wife described him as hardworking and inclined to aggression when he drank. The situation had become significantly worse in the last few years, and there had even been physical altercations.

The judge justified the sentence by citing, among other things, a previous conviction, a rapid relapse during the probationary period and the fact that several offences had occurred simultaneously. In addition, there had been an unusual use of violence and one of the victims was a close relative.

Service: In Austria, women who experience violence can find help and information from the women’s helpline at: 0800-222-555, www.frauenhelpline.at; from the Association of Autonomous Austrian Women’s Shelters (AÖF) at www.aoef.at, as well as from the women’s shelter emergency number at 057722 and the Austrian violence protection centers: 0800/700-217, https://www.gewaltschutzzentrum.at/, from the police emergency number: 133, and in Upper Austria from the Autonomous Women’s Center – Women’s Emergency Number Upper Austria at 0732/602200)

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