Hardly any increases, but big differences in outdoor pool prices

The comparison is worth it. (goatee)

The price labelling was checked and a price survey was also carried out. “Proper price labelling is important for consumers,” says State Environment Minister Stefan Kaineder (Greens).

Positive: Compared to the survey last year, prices have often not increased. But: There are sometimes big price differences in Steyr and Steyr-Land. The cheapest day ticket for adults in the pools surveyed costs 3.70 euros, the most expensive 6.40 euros. The cheapest children’s day ticket is two euros per child, the most expensive 3.5 euros. There are also sometimes big price differences at the pool buffets. The cheapest half-liter beer (0.5 l) costs 3.9 euros, the most expensive 5.2 euros. One focus of the surveys was checking compliance with the “youth drinks” regulations – there were no complaints. More details: www.oberoesterreich.at

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