The government of Montevideo is serious and stable, said Carolina Cosse in her farewell to the Mayor’s Office

The Frente Amplio candidate for vice president of the Republic closed her departmental administration with an event at the former Mercado Modelo.

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The former mayor of Montevideo and candidate for Vice President of the Republic of the Broad Front (FA), Carolina Cosseclosed his departmental administration with an event at the recently inaugurated Espacio Modelo, after resigning from his position last Monday.

During her speech, the Frente Amplio politician maintained that the government of Montevideo She is “serious and stable,” as she was the first person among all the officials to resign. “I am the first person to resign, so this government will be stable,” she remarked to the applause of those present.

Cosse He extended his “heartfelt” thanks to the officials of the Montevideo City Hall and the capital’s Municipalities, which worked in a coordinated manner during his administration.

“Governing is not about being right. For us, governing is about prioritizing actions that put people at the center. As much collaboration as necessary for well-being, to achieve public happiness,” the former leader stressed.

Montevideo It is its 300 years of stories, Montevideo It is their memory and their memorials, the memorial to the Armenian people, the memorial to the Holocaust of the Jewish people, the memorial to the disappeared detainees in the Hilland the memorial to former political prisoners,” he continued.

In Montevideo “there is a conflict between territorial planning and private property,” according to Lucía Topolansky

For its part, the Former Vice President of the Republic, Lucía Topolanskyhighlighted Montevideo as “a consolidated city” for 35 years due to the succession of FA governments.

Along the same lines, he said that the problems that continue to arise Montevideo are due to the fact that Uruguay “It is still a decentralized country.” “There was an excess of population,” Topolansky defined before adding: “There is a conflict between territorial planning and private property.” “These are things that territorial planning has to resolve,” said the FA leader in this regard.

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