Pitch misery: Agreement between Hertha and Huskies

Temporary solution for the football team

There is a solution to the conflict over the use of the Mauth Stadium, at least for the coming year: The Huskies can continue to share the playing and training areas with the footballers of FC Hertha. The threat of the football club being kicked out has thus been averted for the time being. Now a permanent solution is needed, both clubs announced yesterday.

As reported, Hertha, which leases the stadium from the city of Wels, terminated the contract in the spring. The club’s management explained that the space was needed for the new youth academy.

The Huskies, in turn, referred to verbal promises from Hertha officials and city politicians that the football players could use the sports facility permanently. Threats of legal action followed.

Now the two clubs have agreed on a solution: Through adapted training and match schedules, the Huskies can use the stadium for another year, until the end of July 2025. “But this will be the last time; this is due to the Huskies’ desire to play youth championships in the future. Objectively, this is not possible without additional capacity,” says Philipp Oberndorfer, managing director of FC Hertha.

“Small success, no solution”

His negotiating partner was his brother Martin Oberndorfer, who is president of the Huskies and a VP city councillor. He calls the compromise that has now been found a “small success that buys some time and averts an eviction notice – but not a solution to the problem”. The temporary solution requires a great deal of flexibility from the clubs, and the areas of the railwaymen’s sports club are also being used.

That is why both clubs now want to approach the city’s sports representative, Vice Mayor Gerhard Kroiß, and look for a solution together. “We will need additional playing areas for Wels sports if we want to support young footballers and at the same time keep the Huskies in Wels,” says Mario Zottele, chairman of the Huskies. The city is needed for a long-term solution, says Martin Oberndorfer.

Mayor Andreas Rabl (FP) congratulated the clubs on the agreement yesterday – but stuck to his position that there are enough sports areas in Wels. “The clubs are called upon to find a solution together,” he said. The city is happy to support sports clubs. “But you have to be realistic. Even if we had a suitable area for a sports facility available immediately, it would not be ready for around five years at the earliest,” said Rabl.

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