The HTL Vöcklabruck became a Repair Café

The HTL Vöcklabruck became a Repair Café
The HTL Vöcklabruck became a Repair Café

HTL students give the throwaway society the thumbs up.

In the last week of school, the HTL Vöcklabruck invited students from the Don Bosco schools in Vöcklabruck. They brought broken mixers, vacuum cleaners, electronic games and other devices with them. The aim of the joint mission: to repair rather than throw away. The young people were supported by the teaching staff at the HTL.

The success of the repair morning is impressive: around 60 percent of the things brought along could be repaired with little tricks and tips from the HTL students. Sometimes it was enough to clean a dusty vacuum cleaner or replace a cable. The students were fully focused on their work. The excitement, joy and enthusiasm were clearly noticeable.

The lesson they learned at the Repair Café: A revival of the repair culture not only saves money, but also resources.

This “special repair café” from the OTELO Vöcklabruck was held as part of the school project weeks. Repair cafés are now taking place all over the world and are a ray of hope in our throwaway society. In Vöcklabruck, the next public repair café will take place on Friday, November 15th, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the OKH. It is also organized by the OTELO.

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