Rieder traffic concept: What happens next?

The closure at Kapuzinerberg is expected to last until September 9

Many people from Ried are looking forward to the coming weeks with anticipation, during which the Kapuzinerberg will be completely closed to traffic due to infrastructure construction work. This total closure, which is scheduled to last until September 9, has been in effect since yesterday, and the effects were also significant on non-designated alternative routes.
The citizens of Ried are also looking forward to the future of transport in the city. The mobility concept, which was presented to the public in September last year, included the redesign of Froschaugasse as one of the measures.

This should now be on track. At least the municipality decided in the most recent council meeting to award the contract for the “preparation of a draft plan and the necessary investigations” to the Gmunden traffic planning company. The estimated cost for this: 30,816 euros. Since this was not planned in the budget for 2024, the financing will come from reserves from 2023.

Authority must approve

The plan is to reverse the one-way direction in Froschaugasse and create a lane in Hartwagner-Straße up to the Lughofer roundabout. “We are now moving on to detailed planning. Komobile will now create a precise draft. It is mainly about technical questions. The draft must then of course be submitted to the authorities for approval,” said Mayor Bernhard Zwielehner (ÖVP) in response to an OÖN query. In any case, the costs were noticeably lower than the original cost plan, said Zwielehner.

Second opinion is sought

At the same time, a second independent opinion on the planned measures is to be obtained. This is in response to a request from SP deputy mayor Peter Stummer, who had called for both another opinion on traffic management and additional budgetary resources for the overall traffic concept at the meeting. “We are still targeting the planned further steps of the mobility concept, but we will implement everything step by step and not try to force it,” said Mayor Zwielehner. He confirmed that there was some opposition from Ried’s business community, but also said: “If we thought everything in the city center was fine, we wouldn’t change anything. 30 years ago, there was also quite a lot of resistance to the one-way ring at the beginning.”

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