José Mujica is in the most difficult moment of his cancer treatment

José Mujica is in the most difficult moment of his cancer treatment
José Mujica is in the most difficult moment of his cancer treatment

The wife of Jose Mujica and former Vice President of the Republic, Lucia Topolansky He spoke about the former president’s health after he finished his treatment at the end of June and said that he is in the most difficult moment of the disease, although he remains optimistic about progress.

After two months since Mujica announced that they had found a tumor in his esophagus, and that he would begin treatment for it, the former president finished his treatment at the end of June. After 30 sessions of radiotherapy, still has to go through another stage in the recovery process.

At that moment it is now Pepe Mujicaa stage that, according to his wife, is one of the most difficult. “This is because he has accumulated all the radiation and that inflames the digestive system,” Topolansky specified.

The former vice president commented that the main problem is food. “As we eat through the esophagus, unfortunately we can only eat soups, some juice, some gelatin, and we Uruguayans are used to eating barbecue and stew,” she said.

Regarding the former president’s mood, Topolansky said that “he is fine, but it is winter and he cannot do all the activities.” “They say that he participated in the primaries, but compared to doing eight events a day as he did when he was a member of the party, it is nothing. He is like a dog that is tied to a chain. And still without food. He is angry,” he added.

As for the progress of his cure, his wife said that he is optimistic. “The effects are delayed, in about a month and a half they can do the check-up. I am optimistic, I think the doctors have done a very good job, but we have to wait and be patient,” she said.

What is the status of Mujica’s illness?

The former president’s doctor, Raquel Pannone, He said in a press conference at the end of June that his “physical and mental strength” was what “allowed him to complete the entire treatment” for his esophageal cancer “without major difficulties.” Speaking to Radio Sarandí, he also explained that in “a couple of months” they hope to reevaluate him to see the effect of the treatment since he had “hoped that it would be curative.”

On the health status of the leader of the Broad Front, The doctor said that “he is doing well.” “He is recovering. The treatment is very aggressive in itself and that causes him to have some side effects, but he has handled it very well and is recovering. You can see that he is involved in different activities,” she added.

“The issue is that he used to have a lot of activities despite his age and now he can’t do them as much as before, but day by day he is improving,” the doctor continued.

Regarding the treatment, he said that Mujica “Luckily, he was able to tolerate it very well.” “One of the fears we had was that he might not be able to tolerate it because of his age, because of the comorbidities he already has, but without a doubt he has a lot of physical and mental strength and that allowed him to complete the entire treatment without any major difficulties,” he said.

Finally, Pannone said that for the moment we must “wait calmly, without anxiety, for him to continue recovering.” “In a couple of months, but not before, we plan to re-evaluate him to see the repercussions and the effect of the treatment,” he concluded.

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