Who is the winner of the first contest?

Who is the winner of the first contest?
Who is the winner of the first contest?

The first winner of the contest has already been announced. Miss Artificial Intelligence 2024 and it is about Kenza Laylia virtual influencer Moroccan, activist for the role of women in the world of technology and compliance and fighting for their rights.

The creators of the World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) in alliance with Fanvue (a creator platform that empowers other creators) developed the contest, which had as a mandatory condition to participate: being at least 18 years old, having a presence on social networks and having been generated by AI.

Kenza, created by Phoenix AIreceived a first place award out of a total US$13,000which includes access to Imagine Education’s Mentoring Program and public relations support.

The story of the winner

Started with social media in December 2023“I am 33 years old and I come to share my daily life with you. I like to dress up and I am crazy about fashion, traveling, decorating, cooking and spending good times with my family,” was her first post on her social network. Instagramwhich currently has almost 200 thousand followers.

Layli, known as “The activist and influencer with hijab”states that its content is linked to Moroccan society and that its main objective is to “contribute to the women empowerment in Morocco and the Middle East.”

Her presence on social media is very active and her beauty together with her activism led her to become champion of the Miss Artificial Intelligence.

“AI is not just a tool; it is a transformative force that can disrupt industries, challenge norms and create opportunities where none existed before,” she said at the end of her acceptance speech.

In second place The French influencer is found Lalina and in third place the Portuguese Olivia C.

Miss IA.png

The three finalists and winners of Miss Artificial Intelligence 2024.


The key points of this new competition

This contest is sponsored by Fanvueaccording to Waica on its website. Although the contestants and models are not real, the prizes awarded are.

In total this edition had 10 participantswomen from all over the world. They were evaluated by four judges, two real people (Andrew Bloch, media founder and entrepreneur, and Sally Ann Fawcett, beauty pageant historian and author) and two created by artificial intelligence (Emily Pellegrini and Aitana López).

The three points they took into account when evaluating were: beauty and aspects of the show, skill and tools that have AIand the social influence and engagement with fans.

The impact of the contest was not without harsh criticism on the lack of body diversity and the repetition and dissemination of unattainable and unrealistic social standards.

Source: Ambito

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