Police officers “crashed” wedding in Linz: Ex-prisoner (31) arrested

Police officers “crashed” wedding in Linz: Ex-prisoner (31) arrested
Police officers “crashed” wedding in Linz: Ex-prisoner (31) arrested

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The (planned) wedding day of a 31-year-old will probably remain unforgettable. For the groom, the bride and all the invited guests. However, it is doubtful whether it will be remembered fondly.

Before the couple could even say “I do” in the wedding hall of the New Linz Town Hall, officers from the Linz drug squad and the special unit EGS (a police task force for combating street crime) abruptly interrupted the celebrations. The groom, a 31-year-old who was last seen in Linz without a fixed address, had been issued a court arrest warrant. The man, who has a number of previous convictions for drug offenses, is accused of dealing cocaine and cannabis. The presumption of innocence applies.

The arrest took place in the registry office directly in front of the wedding hall. The groom had an “unusual wedding present,” says Clemens Lehner-Redl from the state police command to the OÖN. “Several capsules containing morphine were confiscated from him.”

Drugs sold in Linz’s Volksgarten

“During the interrogation, the accused made a comprehensive confession,” confirmed Reinhard Huemer-Steiner from the Linz public prosecutor’s office in an interview with OÖN. He has a criminal record. The man, who has no fixed address, has already spent several hours behind bars for various drug-related offenses – most recently at the end of last year for drug consumption.

Having just been released from prison, the man has been free since November 2023 and, according to his own statements, was already dealing drugs again in Linz’s Volksgarten. He claims to have financed his opiate addiction in this way.

“During the interrogation, the 31-year-old revealed the names of buyers and sources of supply,” says Huemer-Steiner. Because he confessed, i.e. “made a contribution to finding the truth,” this could have a reduced sentence. Due to his previous convictions, he faces 7.5 years in prison. The accused was taken to Linz prison.

Another arrest came as a surprise to the police – the best man, a 49-year-old, had also been wanted by the courts for weeks. The reason for this was not yet clear on Thursday morning.

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