Emmanuel Macron proposed creating a broad parliamentary coalition but was rejected by the opposition

Emmanuel Macron proposed creating a broad parliamentary coalition but was rejected by the opposition
Emmanuel Macron proposed creating a broad parliamentary coalition but was rejected by the opposition

Less than a week before the legislative elections in France, in which the New Popular Front (NFP) -a left-wing alliance-, the president, Emmanuel Macroncalled on the “political forces that identify with republican institutions” to build a “solid majority” in Parliament as he noted that no party achieved an absolute majority.

Anyone’s won“, the president said in a letter to the French people.

“I ask all political forces that identify with republican institutions, Rule of lawparliamentarism, European orientation and the defence of French independence, to engage in sincere dialogue and loyal to build a solid majority, necessarily plural, for the country“, wrote Macron.

Opposition strongly rejects Macron’s invitation to create a parliamentary coalition

However, the centrist proposal was strongly rejected by all sectors of the opposition. He was accused of “not accepting democracy” and “not living up to history.”

“He threw France into the arms of the far right, we prevented that. Now the New Popular Front must govern. “The President must accept democracy,” said the deputy in X Clemence Guetteone of the names that were mentioned as a proposal for prime minister.

For her part, the leader of the environmentalists, Marine Tondelieraccused the president of avoiding recognizing the election results and recalled that it was the only one who decided the dissolution of the National Assembly and the calling for early elections.

The first secretary of the socialist party, Olivier Faurewho also expressed his willingness to take on the role of prime minister, said Macron could not continue as if the election had not taken place.

The far right of the Le Pen party also strongly criticised the president’s proposal. The alliance, after almost winning a resounding victory, had to settle for the third position, having won 143 seats with its allies.This circus is becoming undignified“, Le Pen launched on her social networks, after emphasizing that The president proposes to “block LFI.”

Macron’s proposal for a broad coalition in France

Following the results of the European elections, in which the far right won, President Emmanuel Macron decided to dissolve the National Assembly and call the legislative elections early.

The New Popular Front (NFP), a left-wing alliance, came in first with between 190 and 195 seatsMacron’s centre-right alliance around 160 and the extreme right more than 140.

No party or coalition obtained an absolute majority, 289 deputies in the new National Assembly.

The objective of Macron by seeking an alliance to form a solid majority is to remove from power National Grouping (RN) of the far-right Marine Le Penbut also implicitly to the main formation of the NFP, the France Insoumise (LFI, radical left) led by the controversial Jean-Luc Mélenchonwhich generates reluctance in other forces.

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