Argentine stocks rise as much as 4.5% on Wall Street

At the international level, The New York Stock Exchange began the day on the rise, led by the rise in energy papers despite figures that showed less growth than expected in the labor market from the US in September.

The agreement reached in the US Congress between Democrats and Republicans to raise the government’s debt limit until December 3 (thus avoiding default), boosts the markets.

This happens despite the lack of solidity in the recovery of employment after the coronavirus crisis, which puts pressure on the Federal Reserve (FED) not to rush in its decision to withdraw the monetary stimuli implemented by the crisis.

Meanwhile, Wall Street is preparing for a new earnings announcement season (corresponding to the third quarter) that will begin next week.

On Thursday the main foreign markets had also finished in “green” before expectations that the United States will resolve its struggles for the debt ceiling and a global decline in energy prices that reduces fears of higher inflation.

This improvement was replicated in Argentine ADRs, highlighting the increases of Corporación América (4.1%); Take off (2.2%); Ternium (1.9%); Pampa Energía (1.5%); and Globant (1.4%).

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