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What to do to avoid a scam when paying with cards

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It is very common that when paying for consumption with a debit and/or credit card in a bar or restaurant, they take the plastic to the till to make the payment. In these cases, It is recommended to go personally to the till with the card, make the payment at the table or make the payment with a QR code through a DNI Account or from another digital wallet.

card cloning

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Another way to steal the data is by passing the card through a terminal that copies your information to clone it and use it with another plastic. That is why it is always essential to never lose sight of the card and to control that the business passes it through a single device.

From now on, photos of the cards or data on the plastic or the security code should never be shared. Whenever purchases are made remotely, you must request a payment link or carry out the operation through a website that has the necessary security measures.

In addition, It is important to check the veracity of the web pages and that the padlock icon appears in the address bar, indicating that it has security protections for the payment data to be entered.

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Whenever these transactions are made from computers it is important to have the antivirus activated.

Important: fraud can take more or less elaborate forms, but in all cases it is about strategies with which criminals usually get hold of personal data to steal money or make purchases with cards.

Useful tools to protect yourself

VISA and Mastercard Purchase Alert: a service for credit cards

Both with the VISA or Mastercard Purchase Alert, the person receives an email notification every time they use their credit card. This service is a very useful tool for early detection of any irregular consumption.

It is enabled from the page of each company. In other words, from Visa Home or from Master Consultas. Once the person registers on the web, they can manage various options for their credit card. One of them is to receive a notice in the mail every time a new consumption is made or a new automatic debit is executed.

I detected fraudulent consumption with my card. And now what do I do?

In the case of credit cards, the usual procedure is to contact the card issuing company (VISA, Mastercard), who can help resolve any situation related to unauthorized transactions. The institution’s address and/or telephone number can be found on the credit card statement or may even appear on the back of the card.

If the consumptions were with the debit card, it is necessary to make the purchase unknown to the Bank to manage the return of the money debited from the account. In this case, the claim is made at the branch where the person has the account.

I lost the card. How do I prevent anyone from using it?

Faced with these eventualities, Banco Provincia’s customers can contact the Attention and Services Center (CAS) at 0810-22-BAPRO (22776). Inquiries can be made from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

If they are abroad, they can be contacted at (54-11) 4109-7501 or 2821-6201 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

You can also contact the assistance center of the issuing company, whose telephone number can be found in the summary of the same or on its back. In this way, it will be possible to request the blocking of the card and the issuance of a new plastic to be able to continue operating in shops or withdraw money at ATMs.

Telephone numbers of the main credit and debit card issuers


Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires: (011) 4379-3400.

Interior of the country: 0810-666-3400. Complaints: (011) 4379-3333


Telephone Service Center 0800-333-4443 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Source: Ambito

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