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The saving dollar quota is renewed: who is authorized to buy u$s200

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Now, in addition to the well-known limitation of buying up to $200 and the endless requirements, one more has been added. With the rise of Minimum Vital and Mobile Wage (SMVM) that the Government made official before the end of 2022, fewer people can access the purchase of dollar savings. This is because many banks establish as one of the many requirements, that only those who exceed two minimum wages will be able to access. In this sense, in order to buy dollars, at least $123,906 will be needed, which further restricts access to currency.

Who can’t buy dollar savings?

  • Beneficiaries of energy and water subsidies.
  • Beneficiaries of social plans or ANSES programs such as the Universal Child Allowance.
  • People without declared income or consistent, so it includes both people who do not have a job or work informally/black.
  • Co-owners of bank accounts.
  • Who is refinanced some balance of the credit card in the last 12 months.
  • Monotributistas what did they ask 0 rate loans.
  • The people who accessed the exchange rate “MEP”.
  • The holders of UVA credits who benefited from rate freeze during the pandemic.
  • The owners of small and medium-sized companies that have agreed to loans at preferential rates.
  • People who benefited from “revenue booster”
  • Persons who have operated Argentine Deposit Certificates, better known as cedears, cryptocurrencies or negotiable obligations in the last 90 days. In case of accessing saving dollar, access to said assets is prevented for 90 days after the last purchase of the savings dollar.
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How do I know if I am authorized to buy?

To access the purchase of the savings dollar, authorization can be verified through the ANSES Negative Certification, proof that it is valid for 30 days and can be consulted at the following link: https://www.anses.gob. ar/query/negative-certification

Why did the purchase of savings dollars increase?

According to the latest report from the Central Bank, human persons acquired a net sum of 127 million dollars in banks. This is a notable rebound from the $110 million in November and even the $117 million in October.

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Despite the new rise in demand, purchases of savings dollars are still below the level of September ($191 million) and August ($251 million). It must be borne in mind that in the middle of the ninth month of 2022 the Government’s decision was made known to remove the possibility of buying savings dollars from those who maintain the subsidies to the rates of public services.

Regarding the number of people who operated in December, 662,000 individuals bought ticketswhile some 18,000 sold, thus resulting in purchases and sales per capita of US$198 and US$220, respectively.

The Ministry of Energy reported that this month 444,000 people requested the withdrawal of subsidies to buy cheap dollars.

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Source: Ambito

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