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Monday, March 27, 2023

Bonds in dollars ended the negative streak and climbed up to 7.5% in the week

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Meanwhile, titles in pesos operated this Friday with increases of up to 1.8%. Dollar-linked sovereigns rose 0.9% on average. During the week, DL debt rose 2.5% on average, with a strong rise in TV24 (+5%). The duals ended 0.5% higher, with the best performance in the long tranche (+0.6%), and accumulated average increases of 1% during the week.

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Regarding the CER segment, the Leceres closed with a marginal rise of 0.15%, while the Bonceres gained 0.7%, and the long section stood out (+1.5%). “From end to end in the week, the CER debt accumulates a rise of 0.5% in the short section and 3% in the long section of the curve,” reported the SBS group.

This Friday, the Ministry of Economy passed another market test, by grasping $332,400 million through the placement of five bonds in pesos, maturing before August of this year, with which it paid the $283,457 million that expired this week and kept $170,000 million to meet other commitments.

In this tender, the menu of instruments offered consisted of five titles, including a LELITE maturing on March 27, 2023, exclusively for Mutual Investment Funds.

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Also, they reopened, two letters at a discount (S31Y3 and S30J3) maturing on May 31 and June 30, 2023, respectively, and one letter adjustable per CER (price index) payable on June 16, 2023. These instruments are part of the Market Makers program. Finally, a US dollar-linked bond was reopened (T2V3) closing on July 31, 2023.

ADRs and shares

The Merval index of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange gained 0.2% this Friday and closed at 248,540.04 points. During the week, the Merval advanced 0.54%. The volume traded in shares was 2,692.74 million pesos (US$13.46 million). In the panel of main actions, the biggest rise was for the shares of the BBVA bank (+4.6%) and the most pronounced drop for the papers of the electric power transporter Transener (-3.1%).

On Wall Street, the papers of Argentine firms closed the day mixed, the biggest falls were for Globant (-3.8%) and Despegar (-3.5%). The improvements, for their part, were led by BBVA bank (+5.2%), and Edenor (+2.5%). This happened in the framework of the worst week of the year on Wall Street, driven by an unexpected rise in inflation in the United States.

Source: Ambito

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