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Virtual wallets: why did users have problems transferring money?

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Problems were recorded in money transfers to CVUs of virtual wallet users. From the sector they explained what happened and how to solve the problem.

This Tuesday, several users of virtual wallets reported problems transferring money to their digital accounts. As it became known, it is a generalized inconvenience, since the problem affected companies such as Market Payment, oula, rapipago and platforms of cryptocurrencieswhich operate with uniform virtual keys (CVUs).

Although it is a common complaint among some representatives of the virtual wallet sector that sometimes there are difficulties in transferring money from bank accounts to CVUs, this time it would not be a conflict of interest, but a problem of the platform administrator. “A notice from Coelsa formally arrived, that it was having DEBIN service Intermittencies“, informed Ambit a manager of a digital wallet.

A problem of the administrator COELSA

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As explained by a source in the sector, “there are problems in transfers as a result of intermittencies in the payment system that manages COELSAthe clearinghouse that processes transfers between banks and digital wallets.”

And, to bring peace of mind to users, the companies pointed out that those users who had registered transfer delays made, for example, from Mercado Pago, they would see the amount credited as soon as the service was regularized.

From that company they indicated that they were collaborating for this to happen as soon as possible and regretted the inconvenience caused. And, as revealed by some voices related to the electronic means of payment companies, the problem would already be solved.

Source: Ambito

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