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Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” assured that Bitcoin is the cure for the US

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Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki once again insisted that it is a good time to buy Bitcoin after the volatile day on the New York stock market.

The financial guru robert kiyosaki He insisted again that it is a good time to buy Bitcoin and assured that it is the “cure” for all the ills that afflict the US. This declaration occurs after the bankruptcy of three major financial institutions that caused a financial collapse in yesterday’s session.

The author of the personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad warned on his own Twitter today that once the bailout was activated, “more counterfeit money will flood America’s ailing economy. In this way, he pointed to the fact that the Federal Reserve (FED) is saving SVB clients by activating its “Bank Installment Financing Program” (BTFP), as announced in a statement.

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It means that, through their program, the Fed and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) guarantee the assets of all customers and prevent users from facing problems of the 17th largest bank in the United States.

For Kiyosaki, the bailout activated by the Fed is evidence that it will activate its expansive monetary policy to inject liquidity into the economy.

In fact, just a month ago, Kiyosaki pointed out that a “giant” economic meltdown was underway, as well as the possibility of a great depression. On that occasion, as he now emphasizes, bitcoin is among the scarce assets that he recommends to flee the money that governments they issue at will through the central banks.

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