5 tips to avoid wasting money on a business trip

5 tips to avoid wasting money on a business trip

if you are employeeprobably at some point in your professional development you must face a business trip. In these cases, where in many cases the opportunity arises from one moment to another, it is important put together a budget and optimize the Expenses not covered by the company.

When it comes to taking business trips, many companies face problems when it comes to managing the finances of processes such as adjust budget, buy tickets or search for staywhich ends up generating cost overruns, entanglements and stress. However, there is no reason to spend more when resources can be properly optimized, especially if the reason behind the trip is unavoidable or essential, such as closing a business or attending an important event.

As explained Philip VeraHead of Corporate Sales of Rindegastos for Chile, if it is about saving money on a business tripthe best solution is not always to eliminate pit costs, but rather Strategically manage money for each activity.

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5 tips for organizing finances on a work trip

Next, one by one the tips to implement when leaving.

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Establish a travel and event calendar

This way you will buy transport tickets and lodging at a more competitive pricewith which it could save a good amount of money. For this, it is key that you review in advance -ideally at the beginning of the year- what meetings or events could take place in said destination and which might require relocation.

Include an additional budget

will be important evaluate in which scenarios you might need extra money and which ones inevitably generate extra expenses, so that the objective of the trip is not defeated by reducing your budget.

Use digital tools

Whether it’s because the trip came up suddenly or because your team doesn’t have enough time, platforms like renders expenses can help you make budgets and manage travel expenses. This tool also prevents you from uploading receipts or invoices on various platforms, digitizing them for you simultaneously using a photo taken with your cell phone, so you can focus on the objectives of your trip and have an updated balance of expenses upon your return.

Find travel insurance that covers multiple risks

Although work trips are usually short and light, there is the possibility of missing a flight, requiring an additional day of stay or having an accident. All these unforeseen can generate incidental expenses that are more expensive the more urgent they are, especially if they include emergency transportation or medical attention.

Choose strategic destinations

It is suggested that you choose business destinations that in addition to being striking, are economic and centralthis will allow you reduce costs compared to those that are more expensive due to their popularity. For example, prefer cities with airports within the city, for avoid tolls or additional fees in your transport or that of your employees.

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