The super dollar extends the decline thanks to greater calm in the banking system

The super dollar extends the decline thanks to greater calm in the banking system

He dollar low this Tuesday, March 28 after the reduction of fear of a banking crisis that slowed down the demand for the so-called safe-haven assets.

He dollar indexwhich compares the greenback to a basket of six prominent currencies, subtract 0.4% from 102,100 units, after losing 0.26% on Monday. Thus it reaches its lowest value since the beginning of February.

He and in is appreciated, despite traditionally being a safe destination, and analysts pointed to a flows surge before the end of the Japanese fiscal year on Friday.

The dollar fell 0.4% against the yen, giving up part of the 0.64% that had risen against its Japanese counterpart the day before, as a result of the increase in yields on US public debt.

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Besides, the euro and the pound sterling advance when the markets consoled themselves with the agreement of First Citizens BancShares to buy all the bankrupt’s deposits and loans Silicon Valley Bankand with the fact that no new cracks have emerged in world banking.

He euro improves 0.26% to $1.083and the British pound rose 0.2% to $1.231just below its two-month high.

“In general, markets are a bit risk on and the default position in this context is for the dollar to go down,” he said. Adam Cole, of RBC Capital Markets in dialogue with Reuters. “We could be in this kind of risk-positive, risk-negative environment for a couple of months.”

On the other hand, the bitcoin It fell 1.7% to $26,700, after falling 3% the day before amid troubles at the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

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