Investors opt for cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin marks a rise again

Investors opt for cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin marks a rise again

Bitcoin continues its bullish streak and is close to $28,500. For its part, Ethereum is also appreciated and is close to $1,830.


Cryptocurrencies keep rising This Saturday April 1st after registering a month of strong increases. In mid-March some international banks, such as the Silicon Valley and Credit Suissepresented liquidity problems and had to be rescued by their countries, this strongly impacted the stock markets but not the cryptocurrencies that continued to grow and this trend continues.

In the last 24 hours the Bitcoin marked a growth of 2%, reaching a value of u$28,476. For his part, he ethereum rises by the same percentage as the reigning cryptocurrency but thus reaches a value of u$s1.829.

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On March 30, the Bitcoin price peaked at $29,184. Regarding the month, the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization, in March it rose almost 20% and in the first quarter it reached an advance of 70%including 40% in just 10 days during the chaos at SVB and Credit Suisse.

The gurus foresee that both Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies are entering a bullish cycle, although it is still premature to think that the so-called “crypto winter” has passed. The popular trader and analyst Rekt Capital considered, in recent days, that the cryptocurrency market is about to leave the problems behind and about to enter a bullish cycle.

Among the cryptocurrencies that lose value despite the general bullish streak is a BNBwhich in the last 24 hours lost 0.6% of its value, marking a loss of 2.8% on a weekly basis and operates in $314.

also fell Cardano. This cryptocurrency lost 0.7% in the last day, marking a current value of $0.39. Added to the list of cryptocurrencies that depreciated in the last 24 hours was Binance, which fell 0.2%, accumulating a weekly loss of 0.6% and marking a current value of $1.

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