Financial dollar: the MEP sinks $14 and touches lows of almost two weeks

Financial dollar: the MEP sinks $14 and touches lows of almost two weeks

financial dollars operate disparately this Tuesday, May 2, after the implementation of new restrictions for the purchase and sale of the same.

The dollar Cash with Settlement (CCL) rises $6.98 (+1.5%) to $460.24. While, the MEP dollar falls $13.72 (-3.1%) and operates at $431.44, almost two week lows.

The measure provided by the National Securities Commission (CNV) was adopted through the general resolution 959/2023which was already published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette and will have full force as of this Tuesday, after the holiday of May 1st.

By means of said regulation, it was established new limits for the operations of buying and selling of dollars financialthat They cannot be made if there is a debit bond, both in pesos and in dollars.

This comes after a tense month by parallel exchange rate accelerationthat he threatened to touch the $500. In the same sense, last Thursday, the Central Bank implemented a interest rate rise.

“We continue working to strengthen financial stability and the development of the domestic capital market. Reducing the volatility of financial variables is one of the central objectives,” said the Finance Secretary, Eduardo Setti.

Source: Ambito

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