The S&P Merval scores the second rise in a row and exceeds 300,000 points again

The S&P Merval scores the second rise in a row and exceeds 300,000 points again

“Risk appetite appears to have returned to the markets, as last Friday’s US jobs data pushed expectations away. odds of a recession in the world’s leading economy for this year,” said Alexander Londoño of ActivTrades.

In that context, the leading index S&P Merval win a 1.8% and rises to 300,652,320 points. The last time it had closed above 300,000 was on April 26, when it marked a record high of 307,057.03 units.

Shares rise in the local market and on Wall Street

The lead panel actions show an upward trend in all cases this Monday, with increases of up to 2.8%, led by Transportadora de Gas del Norte, BBVA (+2.59%) and Aluar (+2.55%). Meanwhile, the shares of the state oil company YPF gained 1.84%, pending a good corporate balance, which will be announced this Tuesday.

After the losses registered last week, “many of the companies in the leading panel are reaching support prices if technical analysis is considered,” said Ayelen Romero of Rava Bursátil.

The Argentine stocks listed on Wall Street They show a mostly positive trend, with only two falling stocks, which are those of Cresud (-0.34%) and those of Telecom (-1.74%). While the others are on the rise, led by Grupo Supervielle (+3.29%), BBVA (+2.78%) and Grupo Financiero Galicia (+2.06%).

country risk falls

The Argentine dollar bonds show a mixed trend, although with a bearish majority. Those that rise the most this Monday are the Global 2035 (+2.6%), the AL41 (+0.6%) and the AL30 (+0.2%). Meanwhile, the main falls occurred in Global 2014 (-2.6%), AL29 (-2%) and Global 2029 (-1.8%). In that context, the risk country it falls 16 points, after two consecutive days of increases, to 2,563 units.

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