Financial dollar: the CCL falls and the MEP rises, but they remain behind the blue

Financial dollar: the CCL falls and the MEP rises, but they remain behind the blue

This weekend, the Government announced a series of measures to control inflationary dynamics. One of them is greater intervention in the foreign exchange market. Thus, it affects financial dollars.


Following the announcement of the economic measures launched by the Government to control inflation, the financial dollars are trading below $440, this Monday, May 15, and there is a parity in the price of the Cash With Settlement (CCL) and the MEP, although the dynamics in both types are uneven (with a drop in the CCL and a MEP rise).

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And it is that, after the Government announced that it is going to maintain intervention in alternative exchange rates, and even strengthen it, and that it will take measures regarding the official dollar, the CCL falls $4.37 (-0.99%) this Monday and the MEP rises $2.12 (0.4%). Both are located in the $436.4while the blue dollar is located at $476, almost $30 above the stock prices.

As some voices from the City explain, this disparate dynamic between the parallel dollars, which leads them to equalize in price, responds to a context of strong intervention that the Government is carrying outin line with what it has been doing up to now, but reinforced after the announcements this weekend.}¿

The stock market is down

Likewise, the Buenos Aires stock market operates in decline this Monday for profit taking at a time when the market is showing doubts about the future of the economy, one day after the announcement of a package of measures to contain inflation.

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The announcements came after April inflation reached 8.4% per month. In this context, the Government anticipated this weekend that The Central Bank (BCRA) will increase intervention in the foreign exchange market and will manage the pace of the crawling peg. Although it has been doing so, everything indicates that they are willing to reinforce these policies to contain and control as much as possible the exchange dynamics, which is a key element in the course of inflation in Argentina.

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