A new “financial loop” appears: how to earn up to 20% with two clicks

A new “financial loop” appears: how to earn up to 20% with two clicks

A new “loop” or financial bicycle is growing and allows you to earn money almost without leaving home.

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The exchange market allows you to speculate every time and earn up to 20% in 48 hours with a few clicks. There are two options to do so, one involves buying MEP dollar and then selling LEDES. The other is to acquire the so-called stock dollar and sell it on the parallel market, an operation known as “mash.”

The saver should buy the AL30 at $10,400 in immediate cash. The next day, That bond is sold but against dollars (in AL30D), at $23.25 (if the value of this Wednesday is taken into account). That gives $447 per dollar (so far it would be a MEP dollar trade).

The next step is, with those dollars, to do the reverse operation but with LEDES (Treasury bills): S3Y3 is bought at US$0.209 in immediate cash and sold against pesos at S31Y3 at $96.03, which gives $459.

That is, you earn $12 for every $447 invested or 2.7% per day. From this profit, we must subtract the commissions of the platforms, which in general are around 0.4% or 0.5% for bonuses and 0.1% for Letters. In other words, the small retail investor A 1% dollar rate per day remains clean.

But there is an even more profitable operation, which is withdraw the notes from the bank and go to a cave, where you will be recognized at $480. Thus, In a single movement, the saver can obtain a 9% profit, or 33 pesos per dollar, re-deposit it in the bank and repeat the operations as many times as he wants.

The risks that are run is that there is a day of parking and that that day the prices can vary and the parity with the dollar can move.

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