Financial dollar collapses after new limitations set by the CNV

Financial dollar collapses after new limitations set by the CNV

The CCL dollar -operated with the GD30 bond in the Price-Time Priority or PPT market- falls $18.79 (-3.9%), to $462.32. So, the gap with the official exchange rate stands at 96.2%.

Meanwhile, the MEP dollar -operated with the GD30 bond in the Price-Time Priority or PPT market- drops $2.61 (-0.6%) to $463.48. In this way, the gap it is located in 96.7%.

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This Wednesday the new regulation of the National Securities Commission (CNV) that prohibits the purchase of dollarized assets for fifteen days then operate in the square of financial dollars. In this regard, the economist of the Broda Group, Elena Alonso, explains that “It will be possible to buy the MEP dollar but you will not be able to use it for 15 days. They do it to avoid the curl“.

For his part, Joel Lupieri, Elypsis economistaffirms that these new measures aim to “limit a little the instruments by which the MEP dollar is bought, which, from now on, is a little restricted to do so with sovereign bonds, the AL30 and the GD30. The idea is to try to limit the arbitration between the MEP dollar and the CCL dollar”.

Beyond what is happening in this first round with the new measures implemented, alonso affirms that “by equating the gap, they are incentivizing not to be able to exercise much purchase in the financial dollar and that It can make the casual pick up a bit”. In that same sense, does not rule out that financial dollars may also increase.

Regarding the effects that the new regulation could generate, lupieri maintains that this Wednesday “it’s probably a slack trading day so that the operators can get used to and adapt to the new changes and then we will have to see how the gap between the official and the stock market remains”. “the best way to operate them would be to do it through bonds that are not sovereignas Treasure lettersthat surely they will begin more relevance”.

How much does the dollar operate today, Wednesday May 24

He qatar dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, 45% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Property Taxand a new perception of 25% on account of Personal Assets- trades at $491.06.

This exchange rate applies to consumption abroad with debit and credit cards over US$300 per month per person.

For his part, he savings dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and 35% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Assets- is sustained in $405.12.

Meanwhile, the dollar wholesalerwhich is directly regulated by the BCRA, rose $0.70 (0.3%) to $235.65.

How much does the tourist dollar operate at, Wednesday May 24

He tourist dollar or card -Retailer plus 30% of the COUNTRY Tax, and a perception of 45% deductible from the Income Tax and of Personal property for consumption with cards abroad of up to US$300 per month- negotiated at $429.68.

How much is the blue dollar trading today, Wednesday May 24

The blue dollar operates stable at $492 for sale.Meanwhile, the gap with the officer is kept in a 109.4%.

For his part, he crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar trades below the blue at $487.83, based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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