ADRs: almost all Argentine shares fell on Wall Street, but one rose as much as 12%

ADRs: almost all Argentine shares fell on Wall Street, but one rose as much as 12%

However, Wall Street did operate and Argentine stocks and bonds were listed on Wall Street, where one company in particular showed outstanding results on the day.

This happened while the international markets operated while waiting for definitions regarding the debt ceiling of the United States. World stock markets were focused on the US struggle and declines in Asia were followed by early declines in London, Paris and Frankfurt, where some internal problems resurfaced.

On the other hand, the largest European economy, Germany, entered into recession, as shown updated GDP figures the eurozone powerhouse slipped into recession in the early months of the year, while UK bond markets remained reeling from the inflationary shock on Wednesday.

Argentine stocks on Wall Street

In that context, the Argentine stocks listed on Wall Street fell mostly up to 2.73%. These decreases are led by Supervielle, followed by Mercado Libre (-2.66%), Loma Negra (-2.70%) and Central Puerto (-2.28%).

While only the share of Despegar.com rises, which attracts attention because it climbs 11.88%. Take, so the post that I had left this Wednesday bioceresthe Argentine action that had climbed 6% in the previous day on Wall Street, although today it is operating with a slight drop (-0.21%).

The shares of Edenor (+1.74%), Biocere (+0.91%) and IRSA (+0.74%) also rose this Thursday

country risk

While, country riskwhich moves based on the dynamics that Argentine bonds are acquiring in the different markets (local and international) showed no changes this Thursday and remained at 2,590 points.

Source: Ambito

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