Cryptocurrencies with widespread rises: Bitcoin hits 3-week highs

Cryptocurrencies with widespread rises: Bitcoin hits 3-week highs

The cryptocurrencies They operate with the majority of increases this Monday, May 29. He Bitcoin rises 1.4% in the last 24 hours and operates in the u$27,600, although during the day it reached $ 28,400 and hit three-week highs. For his part, Ethereum advances 2.1% to $1,890.

Regulation of cryptocurrencies in the US

Thousands of developers in the crypto industry left the United States due to the “openly negative” attitude of US regulators towards virtual currenciessaid Thursday Peter Smith, CEO of the platform blockchainone of the most importants.

The troubles of recent months, such as the bankruptcies of banks and platforms such as FTX, have shaken the world of cryptocurrencies and put the debate on its regulation back on the table. Promoters of the sector accuse Washington of opaque regulation in the absence of specific legislation.

The “blatantly negative” attitude of US regulators pushed “thousands of incredibly talented people to leave the US for other places this year,” Peter Smith, CEO of the blockchain platform, said during an economic forum in Qatar. .

The professionals are leaving for other “more constructive” destinations, he said, citing Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong or France.

According to him, after a “turbulent year”, the sector is registering “real growth”, stressed Peter Smith.

“We invest in Singapore, we invest massively in Europe, as they are the two safest environments we have”he claimed.

The Southeast Asian city-state has proposed new regulations to control transfers of virtual assets such as bitcoin.

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The European Union (EU) recently adopted new tax transparency rules for companies active in crypto asset transactions and two regulations on crypto asset markets (MiCA) and on transfers of funds (TFR).

According to Peter Smith, Blockchain activity is growing especially in Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Argentina and Ukraine.

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