Stenox Analytics: the first AI-based ecosystem in LATAM that predicts cryptocurrency prices

Stenox Analytics: the first AI-based ecosystem in LATAM that predicts cryptocurrency prices

According to its creators, through the incorporation of AI, the next price movements can be predicted with up to 71% effectiveness.

“Knowledge is power”Under this idea, the Argentine entrepreneurs, Nicolás Di Guglielmo and Adrián Silisque, created Stenox Analyticsa tool that collects and analyzes data from different blockchains or chain of blocks, which feeds a predictive model of artificial intelligence to improve the making of better investment decisions in the cryptoactive market.

This tool uses advanced data science technologies to extract and process large volumes of information of all kinds, including historical data, market times, current news from different media, such as Twitter, and reports from different blockchains.

Through the incorporation of AI it can predict upcoming price movements with up to 71% accuracy. The information is presented to the user in an intuitive interface, which allows him to make investment decisions with greater clarity and less effort, in addition to having it in real time.

Stenox Analytics was born from the idea of ​​Nicolás, a native of Tres Lomas, to the west of the province of Buenos Aires and an expert in finance in the crypto market, together with Adrián Silisque, a software engineer born in Jujuy., whose experience and career as a data scientist led him to settle for twenty years in Europe. Both entrepreneurs, passionate about technology and the world of cryptocurrencies, from the outset focused on one of the fundamental problems of the market: detecting the momentum of greatest volatility of cryptocurrencies.

What will happen to Bitcoin? Will it go up or down? The creators of Stenox Analytics were convinced that the unpredictability of the crypto market could have a solution for investors.

A project that was developed between a garage in Buenos Aires and the Quebrada de Humahuaca

Blockchain information is public and freely accessible. However, it is not organized in any way to be functional to the needs of investors. And, for any investor, having first-hand data, accurately analyzed and at an exponential rate, is key capital.

After long hours of shaping the project from the garage in Buenos Aires, in connection with the Quebrada de Humahuaca, where Adrián lives, They created the first Latin American startup that develops artificial intelligence on blockchain, with the aim of anticipating the abrupt movements of the crypto markets.

“With an initial investment of US$115,000, we began to develop Stenox. We are very proud to be able to offer 71% assertiveness, which places us at a higher than average level of success, managing to predict the movements of rise or fall of the price in 24 hours. In this way, the tool helps the investor to be able to make the best decisions, which allow him to increase his profitability and lower the risk of his investments. We want to be the tool that best accompanies the decision-making of crypto investors, throughout the Latin American market, in the coming years,” he says. Nicolás Di Guglielmo, CEO of Stenox Analytics.

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