Cedears climbed to almost 50% hand in hand with the artificial intelligence boom

Cedears climbed to almost 50% hand in hand with the artificial intelligence boom

He Nasdaq climbed 5.9% in May, which was driven by the sharp rise in technological roles and those that are within the productive sector that contains Artificial Intelligence. Thus there were Cedears that climbed up to almost 50% during this month.

The main increases were for Nvidia (+48.7%) and Advances Micro Devices (+42.3%). Nvidia is a fabless and software company that designs graphics processing units as well as system-on-chip units. For its part, Nvidia is a semiconductor company.

This week Nvidia became the ninth company globally to reach $1 trillion in market capitalization. What happens is that the chips developed by them stand out for being the most powerful in the execution of artificial intelligence applications.

“The company that rose the most during the fifth month of the year was the semiconductor manufacturer nvidiawhich largely answers its great presentation of results for the first quarter of the yearin which the company has exceeded analysts’ forecasts in terms of both revenue and earnings per share,” he said. Maximiliano Donzelli, Head of Research at IOL investoronline.

And he expanded: “Secondly, he highlighted Cedear from another semiconductor manufacturer, Advanced Micro Deviceswhich largely responds to a good moment in the sector, which is seeing greatly benefited from the great market interest in artificial intelligencein which the semiconductor industry plays an important role”.

So, Advanced Micro Devices managed to trade above US$118 in recent days, a level that it had not reached since March 2022. This rally pushed AMD’s market capitalization up to $15.7 billion.

What were the other big raises?

They complete the podium of the highest raises, among the most operated Cedears: Tesla (+33.6%), Globant (+27%), Alphabet (+23.8%). and Amazon (+22.9%). For their part, the ETFs closed with the majority of increases, the main ones: ARK of innovation (+20.5%), the QQQ that follows the Nasdaq (+16.1%), the MSCI Brazil (+10.5%), and the SYP that replicates the S&P 500 (+8.2% ).

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