The European stock markets operate in the green after the agreement reached in the US

The European stock markets operate in the green after the agreement reached in the US

The european bags They go up this Friday with the mining and real estate sector at the forefrontsince investors found calm after the approval of the bill on the debt ceiling in the US and the expectation that the Federal Reserve (FED) pause in its rate hike cycles interest ratesIt’s the end of this month.

In this sense, the main european squaress operate with profits, according to data from the agency Bloomberg. United Kingdom (FTSE) up 0.87%; France (CAC) +1.1%; he DAX German +1.01%; in Italy the FMIB it does it at +0.96%. While, the IBEX of Spain rises +0.86%.

On the other hand, the pan-European index STOXX 600 rises 0.5%, driven by economically sensitive sectors such as mining, oil, retail and gas.

Green wave for the markets

The US Senate approved on the eve a bipartisan bill endorsed by President Joe Biden that suspends the public debt ceiling of US$ 31.4 trillion and managed to avoid the first default of economic power in the history.

The upper house voted 63-36 to approve the billand that it was approved on Wednesday by Deputies (Representatives), while legislators raced against the clock after months of partisan disputes between Democrats and Republicans.

The Treasury Department had warned that you could not pay all your bills on June 5 if Congress did not act by then, which kept the global markets.

Asian Stock Exchanges

Asian stocks closed up on friday 2after the approval of the debt ceiling, and also among the hopes of a pause in the cycle of interest rate hikes by the US central bank.

Leading the gains in the region, the Hang Seng rose 4.02% in Hong Kong, up to 18,949.94 points, recovering from the recent losss thanks to the good performance of stocks in the real estate, automobile and technology sectors.

In the rest of Asia, the japanese nikkei rose 1.21% in Tokyo, to 31,524.22 points, the Kospi it advanced 1.25% in Seoul, up to 2,601.36 points, also thanks to the growth data from South Korea, and the taiex It registered an advance of 1.18% in Taiwan, up to 16,706.91 points.

In mainland China, the Shanghai Composite advanced 0.79%, to 3,230.07 points, and the Shenzhen Compositeless broad, achieved a rise of 1.16%, to 2,035.62 points.

Investors will be watching to the new report on employment in the US that will be released this Friday June 2, the so-called payroll, crucial for the trajectory of the interest rates americans.

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