Bank shares stood out in the S&P Merval and climbed as much as 25% in the week

Bank shares stood out in the S&P Merval and climbed as much as 25% in the week

He S&P Merval of Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) closed higher this Friday June 9 and the bonds also rose to 9%, after the Government managed to relieve the due payments in the midst of a financial crisis with high inflation and daily devaluation.

He leading index S&P Merval porteño advanced 0.23%to 381,763.86 pointsin front of his intraday record high in pesos of 388,548.78 units reached during the previous session. Thus, he ended with a accumulated increase of more than 8% in the week and of almost 15% in June.

He Ministry of Economy announced a 78% acceptance from his voluntary conversion of debt into local currency, although most of the titles were held by official entities. The operation will mean a relief of $7.4 billion (about US$30.300 million) in payments until next September.

“The public sector concentrated 70% of the adhesion. This implies that holders from the private sector exchanged only 26% of their titlesa very low number,” said settlement and clearing agent Cohen.

He 13% of the exchanged titles will expire in August 2024he 36% they will in November 2024he 27% in December 2024and the 24% remainder extended to January 2025.

“The profile of maturities for the remainder of 2023 passed from $11.6 trillion to $4.2 trillionwhich implies a 64% decrease. Likewise, it is highlighted that by the end of the year the outlook looks clear,” said the economic portfolio.

The IMF “welcomed” this operation and added that the operation must guarantee the sustainability of the debt.

While, The Government negotiates with the IMF to reschedule goals and advance disbursementsafter renewing and expanding a line of currency swap with Chinawith the idea of ​​giving the Central Bank (BCRA) room to contain the price of the peso and stop the daily loss of reserves.

weekly balances

On a weekly basis, in porter bag Bank shares rose. Galician Financial Group topped the ranking with a rise from 25.4%in second place was positioned Macro Bank (+20.7) and the podium completed it BBVA by achieving an escalation of 19.6%. Meanwhile, the largest weekly falls were recorded by the papers of Transportadora de Gas del Norte (-4%) and Aluar (-1.2%).

On Wall Street, all ADRs ended a week of widespread increasesexcept Supervielle that closed lower (-0.2%). The advances were also led, as in the Buenos Aires stock market, although in a different order, by Galician Financial Group (+25.3%); BBVA (+19.2%); and Macro Bank (+18.7).

As for the bondsthe global accumulated rise of 7% and the Bonares of the 10%.

How did local stocks, ADRs and bonds close this Friday, June 9?

local actions They ended with majorities of casualties. The main falls they had the papers of Telecom (-2%); Transportadora de Gas del Sur (-1.6%); and Edenor (-1.5%). while, between those that operate positivethose that increased the most were those of ternium (+3.1%).

On Wall Street, the trend was similar and most of the Argentine ADRs operated with a majority of falls. The largest negative variations were those of Telecom (-3.1%); Edenor (-1.8%); e Transportadora de Gas del Sur (-1.7%).

in the segment of fixed renton the other hand, the bonds denominated in dollars also they operated with majority casualties. Those who fell the most were he AL35D (-2.3%); AL29D (-1.9%); and AL41D (-1.6%). However,

For his part, he risk country fell 0.2% until the 2,378 basis points.

Source: Ambito

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