Financial illnesses: what they are and how to prevent them

Financial illnesses: what they are and how to prevent them
August 26, 2023 – 2:07 p.m.

Money affects our physical and emotional health. Find out what money-related diseases are and some tips to avoid them.

Have money and the ordered accounts have an impact on our health. To begin with, having economic solvency allows people to go to doctorget the medicines necessary, they can Eat Healthy and have time and place to do exercise. Therefore, it can be stated that money affects physical health and also in the mental.

In that sense, the Financial Health Institute explain that the concept of financial health refers to “the dynamic relationship of the financial and economic resources of each person as they are applied or impact in the state of physical, mental and social well-being“.

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Financial health: how are health and money related?

  • If a person is depressedmaybe even your relationship with money is marked by the demotivationTherefore, it is possible that this person don’t even want to manage your finances.
  • It can also happen that money generates euphoria, mainly at the time of consumption. Therefore, for many people, generating the need to spend more to feel better.
  • Money problems can affect social life and relationships. You may feel lonely or isolatedor that the person cannot afford to do the things they want.
  • Money can also generate blame, fear either fatiguefor different reasons.
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    Some diseases related to money

    • Compulsive shopping: when a person is not feeling well, they can try to feel better by spending money, but the euphoria will only be temporary. In this way, the procedure can become an addiction.
    • Financial stress: according to the definition of Financial Health Institute is the condition resulting from financial and/or economic events that create anxiety, worry or one feeling of scarcity. It generates physiological stress and, when it is a chronic situation, it can impair the Cognitive abilitythe memory and the learning of the people affected.
    • Money addiction: it is an addiction that generates the search for accumulation of money and goods.
    • Financial abuse: This can be seen in people who prevent others from accessing money, that is, they use money as a form of control.


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    Tips for maintaining financial health

    • If you are spending too much or you are going through a particular situation that generates this behavior, cgive it to someone you trust.
    • Credit cards can also pose a risk for people who are not in good financial health. Therefore, in those cases, it can be very useful to give your cards someone trustworthy or save them somewhere hard-to-reach place.
    • Today you can also spend a lot of money on cell phones. Therefore, if you believe that your financial health may be at stake, it is recommended to eliminate the Applications that encourage spending.
    • In many cases put together a budget can be of great help. There are also applications that allow you to keep track of expenses.

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