Bill Gates vs Warren Buffett: what the world’s richest invest in

Bill Gates vs Warren Buffett: what the world’s richest invest in

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates They are on the podium of the 10 richest men in the world. Buffett, through Berkshire Hathaway, and Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, are fighting for fifth and sixth place.

The mythical investor Warren Buffett has a net worth of 106,400 million euros, according to the calculations of Forbes magazine. The Oracle of Omaha makes its investments through Berkshire Hathaway, whose portfolio is analyzed to the millimeter by analysts, journalists and investors, although the truth is that it has brought few surprises in recent years.

His two largest holdings of Actions remain immovable: Manzana and Bank of America. No less than 47.5% of Berkshire’s portfolio is invested in the technology giant, with a 5.9% stake that is valued at about $189.46 billion. The actions of Manzana They accumulate a revaluation so far this year of more than 50%, with the manufacturer of the famous iPhone on the verge of recovering US$3 trillion in market capitalization.



Bank of America It represents 8.2% of the portfolio, with an investment valued at around US$29,000 million. Buffett controls a 13% stake in the bank, which is having a tough time on the stock market this year. His shares have accumulated a 13.5% drop so far this year.

The third step of the podium is for American Express, which currently represents 6.6% of the portfolio of Berkshire Hathaway, slightly surpassing Coca Cola (6.5%). Buffett owns a 20.6% stake in the credit card company, valued at about $159.6 billion. Its shares are up 8.5% so far this year.

Bill Gates: how his investment portfolio is made up

Bill Gates has a fortune of $104.6 billion. These are the main investments from the co-founder of Microsoft, articulated through the foundation that he created together with his currently ex-wife Melinda.

The main stock in the portfolio of the ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ is Microsoft. Not surprisingly, since thanks to Gates’s donations, the foundation owns 39.2 million shares of the tech giant, which are valued at more than $13.37 billion.

Nothing less than 31.79% of the foundation portfolio is invested in the tech giant, which accumulates so far this year a rise of 37%. With a market capitalization of 2.44 trillion dollars, Microsoft is the second most valued company in the world, only behind the aforementioned Manzana.

In second position is curiously Berkshire Hathawaythe investment arm of Warren Buffett. 20.38% of the foundation’s portfolio is invested in the holding company, which translates into 25.14 million titles valued at US$8,573 million. The friendship that unites Gates and Buffett is well known, but it must be clarified that the Microsoft co-founder does not personally manage the foundation, but that this responsibility has fallen on Michael Larson for almost 30 years.

The third largest position in the philanthropist millionaire fund is Canadian Canadian National Railway, which represents 15.78% of the portfolio, valued at some 6,640 million dollars. It owns 54.8 million shares.

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