Nación Bursátil bets on the next tender of YPF negotiable obligations

Nación Bursátil bets on the next tender of YPF negotiable obligations
September 5, 2023 – 13:32

Silvina Batakis, president of the BNA, explained that the funds obtained from the placement will be used for investments in Vaca Muerta and Palermo Aike.


Stock Nationa company linked to the National Bank (BNA), officially reported this Tuesday that it will participate as lead setter of one reissue of negotiable obligations (NOs) Class XXI additional and XXVI. These ONs are called in dollars and subscribe and they pay in pesos (linked dollar), maturing in 2026 and 2028respectively, for a total amount equivalent to up to US$400 million.

The placement, to be carried out this Thursday, bears the AA+ grades from Moody’s and AAA (Arg) of Fix SCRwhich “reflect the solid position of YPF and its consolidation as the most important energy company in Argentina, with large reserves of oil and gasincluding large unconventional reserves,” the BNA pointed out.

For what purpose is this placement carried out?

“The funds obtained for the placement of the ONs will be intended for investments in physical assets located in the country related to strategic productive infrastructure projects located in Dead cow and Palermo Aikekey projects for the energy future and the self-determination of Argentina”, stressed the President of the BNA, Silvina Batakisit’s a statement.

Through this participation, Nación Bursátil “continues with its planning of promote national development through the capital marketparticipating in projects that promote economic growth throughout the country, allow the employment creationstimulate the consumption and the investment in a federal key”, concluded the entity.

Source: Ambito

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