Wall Street breaks bearish streak, but there are concerns about Fed interest rates

Wall Street breaks bearish streak, but there are concerns about Fed interest rates

Wall Street recovers ground this Friday with green numbers after a week marked by sharp falls in the nasdaq and last Monday’s holiday for Employment Day in the US.

The main indicator, the Dow Jones Industrials, registers an increase of 0.3% and advances to 34,592.58 points. For its part, the market composite index nasdaq, which includes the main technology companies, experienced an increase of 0.4%, reaching 13,814 points. While, the S&P 500 it climbs 0.4% and reaches 4,467 points.

Investors are closely watching the upcoming decisions of the Federal Reserve (Fed), so despite this positive development, it is expected that the new york stock exchange may face a week of losses due to concern about a possible increase ins interest rates on the part of the Federal Reserve.

Wall Street: the data that the market looks at

Last week it was announced that subsidy applications unemployment in the United States decreased to 216,000, that is, 13,000 less than the previous week. This new raised concerns among investorswho fear that the strong labor market could lead the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.

The Federal Reserve will hold a two-day meeting starting September 19 and announce your decision on the possible increase in rates of interest on September 20.

Regarding the sectors, the greatest increases are observed in the energy and technology sector, with an increase of 0.82% and 0.7%, respectively. In contrast, the healthcare and industrial sectors experience losses of 0.18% and 0.13%.

Among the 30 companies that make up the Dow Jonesthe greatest losses corresponded to Boeing (NYSE:BA) (-0.97%) and Verizon (NYSE:VZ) (-0.64%), while the biggest gains were recorded in Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) (1.28%) and Dow ( 1.08%).

On the other hand, the actions of Manzana are beginning to show signs of recovery after this week’s declines, following the report of the Wall Street Journal, which indicated that the Chinese government has banned officials and government agencies using iPhones during work hours.

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