Viral in the City: the calculator to know what your salary would be with dollarization

Viral in the City: the calculator to know what your salary would be with dollarization
September 14, 2023 – 18:37

A website went viral that converts the salary from pesos to dollars at the estimated rate that would be set for the currency if the economy were dollarized today. Propaganda for or against?

One went viral virtual calculator that converts the salary from pesos to dollars with the currency quoted at $7,070, the value estimated for the exchange rate by the Argentine Development Foundation (Found) in the case of a dollarization with the level of reserves of March of this year of the Central Bank (BCRA).

Dolarizate.ar is the calculator that refers to the monetary politics that the candidate of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) seeks to promote, Javier Milei. Although initially some visitors thought that it could be a libertarian initiative, since it even has the lion logo used by the deputy in the bottom of the quote, some sources in the City warned that it would be a move against the economist and politician , given that performs the calculation at a very high exchange rate, which would liquefy the workers’ salaries.

Furthermore, it is misleading to associate it with Mileibecause, although this value for the dollar was talked about at one point, it does not respond to the price mentioned by the national deputy, who confirmed in the Forum Economic Group that “will be dollarized at market value” and specified that it was $730, the price of the dollar operation CCL at that time.

Dolarizate.ar: how much would you earn in dollars today?

In this way, according to the calculator Dollarizate.ar, a worker who currently earns $200,000 would earn $28.29, when in reality, at the blue exchange rate this Thursday ($722), it would be $277; At the value of the CCL ($742.66), it would be equivalent to US$269.30 and, at the value of the retail official ($367.09), it would reach US$544.82.

As a reference to propose that exchange rate quote that the calculator takes (u$s1=$7,070)the creators took the value stipulated in a journalistic note in which Found projected the conversion exchange rate would amount to approximately that value. As mentioned, the parameters taken as a basis are those of the economy in March, so today the situation would not be the same.

However, there is a consensus among City analysts that it could not be dollarized at the market price of any of those exchange rates today. dollar shortage that exists today in Argentina and in the reserves of the BCRA. Consequently, the majority also agrees that taking a step in this direction would have an extremely negative effect on the salaries and pockets of workers.

Even the economists on the Milei They have come out to warn in recent weeks that dollarization is not viable at this time in Argentina. In that sense they spoke Dario Epstein, Diana Mondino and Carlos Rodriguez, among others. However, the presidential candidate continues to insist that his plan is to carry out that program.

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