Early bonus: skyrocketing inflation makes companies give the option to collect it this month

Early bonus: skyrocketing inflation makes companies give the option to collect it this month
September 21, 2023 – 16:42

Banks, insurance companies and automobile companies give the option of collecting the bonus in advance so that employees can cover their salaries against inflation.

Due to high inflation, Banks, insurers and automobile companies decided to advance the payment of the December bonus to the end of September and, in some cases, it was established that workers will be able to choose when they want to receive it, whether now or at the end of the year.

Let us remember that the Workers in dependency relationship they receive every year Complementary Annual Salary (SAC)also know as bonuswhich is an additional remuneration that is paid in two parts: The first half is delivered in June and the other in December and is equivalent to 50% of the highest monthly remuneration received in the semester.

The measure has been implemented for years in different organizations, but this year it takes on special relevance due to the inflationary context. And, after knowing the inflation data for August, which was 14.2%, it emerges as an option to help workers in their goal of not to lose against rising prices.

Advance bonus: the objective and how it is paid

With this decision, they are given the possibility, for example, of anticipate consumption before a certain good or service rises more in the future or putting the money in a fixed-term deposit or some other savings or investment instrument.

Something that is worth clarifying is that, if this advance is chosen, it will not have an impact on the collection of Profits, since this concept is not part of the taxable base of the salary.

Regarding the method of calculation, the advance payment is established taking into account the amount of the last salary received and, if necessary, in December it is recalculated taking into account any adjustments that may have been made to the salary and is paid the difference to the employee.

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