Not to be missed: 5 applications that pay you in Bitcoin for carrying out simple activities

Not to be missed: 5 applications that pay you in Bitcoin for carrying out simple activities

Five apps already reward their users with satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) for performing everyday activities. Listening to podcasts, learning about cryptocurrencies and walking can earn you cryptocurrencies. But be careful, not all apps are legitimate, in this case we will detail 5 that are free of scams behind them. However, some of these may be in their early stages, so caution is advised.

Fountain: listen to podcast and earn Bitcoin

Fountain is an application that launched in mid-2022 with the goal of “changing the rules of the game for both listeners and creators.”

The podcast streaming platform signed a partnership with Zebedee, a gaming-focused Bitcoin payments company, earlier this year to offer “Listen and Earn” participants micropayments in Bitcoin via the Lightning Network for listening to its content. favorite audiovisual.

Specific, The program offers listeners monetary rewards for the first daily hour of podcast listening while also providing benefits to creators.

The Fountain app is available for Android and iOS with a wide selection of podcasts.

sMiles: walk around the city and earn Bitcoin

The sMiles platform also leverages the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s scalability solution that facilitates faster and cheaper transactions. They reward their users in satoshis for every kilometer they walk.

The app is available for Android and iOS and also offers a wider range of functionality, including rewards for shopping and playing classic games like chess.

Viker: play and earn Bitcoin

From the classics Chess, Sudoku and Solitaire, to the modern Minecraft and versions similar to Candy Crush offer this monetary remuneration model. Much of this offering is powered by Zebedee in partnership with mobile gaming studio Viker.

Available for Android and iOS, Viker developers list more than a dozen titles in mobile app storeswhich also include Lost Letters and various trivia games such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Players will then be able to withdraw their Bitcoin rewards from the app or spend the money through Zebedee’s virtual economy.

Bitcoin Magazine: Learn and Earn Bitcoin

It is one of the oldest and most reputable news portals in the Blockchain ecosystem, it has its own mobile application that allows users to earn fractions of Bitcoin for reading and learning about various topics related to the cryptocurrency industry.

Once the user finishes reading one of the articles, the app rewards them with some satoshis. The platform says its trainees can earn spends 75 SATS per article. It also offers flash codes with which users can earn even more satoshis.

To receive your prize, Users will need to have a Lightning compatible wallet.

Some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and KuCoin also offer these types of monetary incentives for learning about the technology through videos or articles.

ZBD: goodbye to tweets, post and earn Bitcoin

Zebedee recently introduced 2023 ZBD, a version of the popular social network Twitter (now known as X) that allows users to monetize their content with Bitcoin.

Instead of reacting with “likes,” ZB users can send “zaps,” which are very small amounts of Bitcoin.

The app also includes encrypted direct messages with the option to use them to send cryptocurrency payments. This can be assimilated to the tipping function in Bitcoin via Lightning that X already integrates.

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