The CCL dollar is close to a symbolic value and is on its way to ending a streak of 3 weekly falls in a row

The CCL dollar is close to a symbolic value and is on its way to ending a streak of 3 weekly falls in a row

He “Cash with Settlement” dollar (CCL) rises this Friday, September 22, and exceeds a symbolic value. Besides, is heading to cut a streak of three weekly falls in a row. Meanwhile, the MEP dollar climb more than $6.

In that framework, the CCL dollar keep it up $1.07 (+0.1%) to $749.94. Thus, the gap with the officer he positions himself in the 114.2% and touch 2 week highsfrom the September 6 of 2023.

For his part, the MEP dollar climb $6.26 (+0.9%), to $687.11. Meanwhile, the spread with the official exchange rate is located in the 96.3%his maximum value in 4 monthsfrom May 23, 2023.

The parallel exchange rates they continue under pressure given the growing uncertainty about the immediate future of the economy, weeks before a defining presidential election.

The victory in the primary elections of the ultraliberal Javier Mileiwhich proposes dollarizing the economy and eliminating the BCRA, left the Minister of Economy and official candidate almost on equal terms, Sergio Massawhich supports the local currency, and the center-right led by Patricia Bullrichwhich encourages bimonetization.

He Government recently launched A series of measures What do they seek increase the purchasing power of the population and calm social tensions with the consequent pressure on the weakened treasury coffers.

“In relation to the evolution of the Official Exchange Rate (TCO) and the inflation rate until the end of the year, projections have been assumed that are subject to macroeconomic policy modifications depending on the electoral results in coming months,” the Government indicated in the 2024 Budget project sent on Friday to Congress.

“With these considerations, it has been projected: maintenance of the TCO until November 15, 2023 at 350 per dollar and subsequent daily increases (‘crawling peg’) at a monthly rate of 3%, so that as of December 31, 2023 the value of the dollar would reach a price of 366 pesos”, he added.

Massa He said at the time that fixed parity be until the end of October, although the budget project speaks until mid-November. The market interprets that the measure will be modified according to the elections on October 22 or eventually with the presidential runoff on November 19.

How much does the dollar trade at today, Friday, September 22

He wholesale dollar is held in the a $350.05value that BCRA seeks to sustain until October.

Meanwhile, the Qatar dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY taxa 45% deductible of the Income and Personal Property Tax, and a new perception of 5% on account of Personal Property – maintains the $659.95

In mid-August, the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) arranged a 25% reduction at 5% in the perception of Personal Assets which applies to consumption abroad with debit and credit cards exceeding the $300 monthly per person. Thus, the call Qatar dollar It was no longer the most expensive exchange rate on the market.

Quote of Dolar blue today, Friday, September 22

He blue dollar is available for $745according to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

For its part, the crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates in the $750.89, based on average across local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

How much does the MEP dollar today, Friday, September 22

He MEP dollar operates in the $680.85. In that way, the gap with the officer reaches the 94.50%

The price of the CCL dollar today, Friday, September 22

For his part, the dollar “Cash with Settlement” (CCL) quotes at $748.29. Thus, the spread with the official it is at 113.77%.

Price of the tourist dollar today, Friday, September 22

He tourist dollar or cardand savings (or solidarity) dollar -which include 30% of the COUNTRY TAX + 45% of the Earnings Perception– culminated $642.41.

Source: Ambito

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