Where did Warren Buffett invest in recent months?

Where did Warren Buffett invest in recent months?

Warren Buffettthe American investor recognized as one of the most successful of all times. Furthermore, within the world of financeis recognized as an example and a beacon when it comes to thinking how to invest.

Over the years, the president and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway accumulated a great personal wealth through its investments, which is why it is considered one of the richest men in the world.

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What investments does Warren Buffett have?

Recently, the renowned investor made some changes to his holding company’s portfolio, Berkshire Hathaway. During the second quarter HE detached from all the titles of three companies and reduced his position in others five. However, also added shares other five companies.

Among the companies from which the financial guru separated himself are: McKesson Corp. Berkshire Hathaway sold the 2,289,864 shares that he owned from said company, which represented 0.25% of his portfolio. He also completely let go of his titles. Marsh & McLennan (404,911) and Vitesse Energy (51,026).

At the same time, the billionaire’s company sold the 70% of the Actions of Activision Blizzard (34,781,660 titles). Another of the companies from which the decision was to get rid of part of its shares was Globe Lifeof which Berkshire Hathaway got rid of 3,838,153, equivalent to 60% of their participation.

In the case of General Motorsit was sold Four. Five% of its participation (18,000,000), the 39% of Celanese Corp (3,460,481) and the 7% of Chevron (9,287,475).

On the other hand, among their purchases, the acquisition of a package of 12,422,073 shares of Occidental Petroleumwhich meant increasing by 5.87% their position in the firm. In that same sense, there appears the incorporation of 2,549,030 titles of Capital One Financialincreasing by a 25.69% your participation.

Buffett’s company also bought 5,969,714 actions of DR Horton, 11,112 of NVR Inc and 152,572 of Lennar Corp.

Thus, the briefcase of Berkshire Hathaway go on dominated for the titles of Manzanawhich represent a 51% of its total value, with a package of 915,560,382 shares, valued at US$177,591 million. The following places, in terms of relevance within the portfolio, are occupied Bank of America, American Express, Coca Cola, Chevron and Occidental Petroleum.

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